Sony PlayStation 5 [PS5] - Walmart+/Target Only

Sony PlayStation 5 [PS5] - Walmart+/Target Only

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Date: Restocks 

Retail: $499.99 

Resell: $760+

Colorway: White

Style: Digital, Standard, Any

Must have Walmart+ subscription (not free trial)
Can cancel afterwards (contact your cg for details)
1 SKU per account

Matching Account email/Profile Email
Do NOT use the same account manually as the one you provide me!
Check that you can login to the account & that the Email/Password is correct.

*The Walmart/Target profile submission form will be sent via email. All information must be completed & filled out accurately. OBTAIN is not responsible for incorrect submissions. All Information is safe, secure and encrypted.
All profiles are deleted after each release

This is also where you will choose sizing (random for best results). 

*If you have not received the form within an hour after purchasing, send an email to

This Product is Not For Sale