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Cancellation Policies

VIP Subscriptions:

Please note that once you have subscribed with us it means that we have reserved time & resources exclusively for you. You may cancel your subscription at any time leading up to your next due date, that insures you will not be charged for the next month but it does not warrant any refund for the current month. There will be no refunds issued for subscribers that fail to cancel within the 29 days prior to renewal.
Renewal reminders are emailed 7 days before your monthly subscription is set to be due.

Slot Clients: 

OBTAIN is a professional purchasing service. By paying our fee you agree that: You are responsible for our fee + Retail of item + shipping & tax. The ACO fee is held and if unsuccessful returned in full after a sufficient time frame is met to acquire said item. Effective 3/01/2022 there will be a 20% fee on all canceled ACO orders. Please understand that sometimes accidents can happen (extremely rare) and the wrong shoe or size could be checked out and purchased on your behalf. If that unfortunate event were to take place you agree to not hold Obtain liable. Obtain is also not responsible for any loss, stolen or damaged products that do not come directly from Obtain LLC. Charge-backs, disputes or any other failures to recognize payment and accept responsibility for your purchases will NOT be refunded and will be treated as fraudulent claims. This will also result in an immediate ban and cancellation from any future services and/or subscriptions. Lastly, OBTAIN runs for restocks if the item was not successfully secured on the initial release. If the customer wants their funds returned sooner all they need to do is ask. Anything can be handled without filing disputes and chargebacks. Its 100% unnecessary.

Sneaker Bot Rental Customers:

Obtain R3ntals provides a non-refundable digital product and does not guarantee you success, however it drastically increases your chances of being successful on all releases. By purchasing one of our rentals, you acknowledge that the product is non-refundable, and any chargeback requests will be viewed as fraudulent and treated as such. We provide the digital software and all guides, it is your responsibility to read the information provided and operate the application to the best of your ability. Again, Success is NOT guaranteed.

Sneaker & Apparel Customers:

Partial and full refunds will be assessed on a case by case basis. We guarantee all goods and services bought and paid for by and from OBTAIN LLC. All products are guaranteed 100% authentic and brand new. Products will have specific details on refund and return methods.

 With thanks and appreciation,

M.Whipp Owner
"Obtain the Unobtainable"